Senior Full-Stack Developer

Job description

Combyne is a fast-growing mobile social network for creators. It's the fusion of a social platform, a game and a practical utility for combining outfits. Our community consists of millions of creators who gain confidence and joy by creating collaboratively. Combyne's vision is to digitize the usage of fashion. (Opposed to the commerce of fashion, which is already digitized)


If we succeed in digitizing the usage of fashion, we'll use the resulting data points to stop the massive overproduction in the fashion industry, which currently churns out 100 billion pieces of clothing per year for 7 billion people. The problem is so bad, some brands are burning unsold inventory. In the future, production decision should be based on data, not on guessing.

Your mission 🗺

  • Building and maintaining our core architecture to serve millions of users
  • Total ownership over the quality of your work and fluency in development practices that minimize bugs
  • Keeping up with rapidly changing platforms and awareness of the latest advances in web platform and frameworks
  • Close collaboration, both within and outside the team

Job requirements

  • Proficient in React.js, Node.js and MongoDB
  • Experience with other frontend component frameworks (Vue.js, Svelte) and databases (PostgreSQL) is a plus
  • Familiar with modern web technologies: Javascript (ES6+), HTML5, CSS3
  • Fan of agile environments using Scrum
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Hand-on mentality
  • Open to feedback and coaching
  • Desire to learn and a “quick study” with new concepts, systems and technologies

You can expect 💪

  • Grow fast like a rocket together with us
  • Challenges, blood, sweat and tears
  • Fun
  • A purposeful mission
  • Driven international team with a great remote culture
  • Philipp is looking forward to your application!